Budapest University of Technology and Economics
PhD and DLA Student Union
Next online meeting
2021-02-25 meeting
Next online meeting at 09.03.2021 06.30 in MS Teams.
Next presidential election meeting
2021-02-25 meeting
Next presidential election meeting at 09.03.2021 06.00 in MS Teams.
Next normal meeting
2021-02-18 meeting
Next normal meeting at 19.02.2021 01.00 in Microsoft Teams.
Next normal meeting
2021-02-01 meeting
Next normal meeting at 01.02.2021 03.00 in Microsoft Teams.
Status of payment of January state scholarships
2021-01-26 news
The EDK was informed that the non-payment of state scholarships in January so far is an institutional level problem.
Next extraordinary meeting
2021-01-25 meeting
Next extraordinary meeting at 25.01.2021 12.00 in Online.